Monday, March 14, 2016

Participate in a Study on the Genetics of Stuttering

I was browsing reddit today and came across an AMA (Ask Me Anything) from Shelly Jo Kraft, an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University.  Dr. Kraft is leading a new study to, in her own words, "discover more about the genes and biological mechanisms that increase risk of stuttering."

I've volunteered to participate in the study, and you can, too.  All you need to do is read and fill out a brief form, located here:

If you get picked, you'll get a phone call from either Dr. Kraft or another speech and language pathologist, and then you'll get a saliva collection kit.

That's right - you can spit into a vial and potentially help uncover a genetic basis for stuttering!

If you stutter and read my blog, I encourage you to participate. I mean... you don't want my genes to be the only thing they look at, do you?!?